Roundtable on Managing the Relationship
with Host Governments

Security, Rights & Development Roundtable No. 128
September 24, 2015
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Join us for our next Security, Rights & Development Roundtable meeting which will take place on Thursday, September 24. When companies pursue new operations overseas, particularly within extractives industries, engagement with the host government can often be met with unforeseen challenges. Whether it is in the form of governance and transparency issues, legislative road blocks, revenue disputes, political instability or human rights and public security force complications; the long term success of a large scale development project can sometimes hinge on the relationship the company has with the host government. This roundtable will focus on some of the experiences from both government and corporate panelists have experienced in their engagement on projects, ranging from international initiatives such as the Voluntary Principles to establishing meaningful dialogue with all levels of the host government through a shared value paradigm.


Johanna Nesseth - Manager, Development & Public Policy, Chevron
Jenny Stein - Foreign Affairs Officer, Internet Freedom, Business, & Human Rights, Department of State
Reg Manhas - Senior Vice President, External Affairs, Kosmos Energy
Please note that attendance at the Roundtable is by invitation only.
If you are interested in joining the Roundtable, please contact Hannah Blyth.



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