Implementation of Security and Human Rights Initiatives in Nigeria

Human Rights & Business Roundtable No. 135
May 18, 2017
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Join us for our next Human Rights & Business Roundtable meeting which will take place on Thursday, May 18.
Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and home to abundant natural resources, is also no stranger to cycles of conflict and violence. The intersection between business and human rights, and how companies ensure their operations are secure while also respecting the rights of communities, is an important issue amidst insecurity within the country.
Ongoing Insurgency in the North, pastoralist conflict in the Middle Belt, and growing militancy and gang violence in the Niger Delta, can all have negative impacts on the economy and business’ ability to operate. It can also result in increased public security deployments around project areas, which can cause friction with local communities. As conflict risk is heightened within hotspot regions, implementation of robust security and human rights policies remains critical to protect both communities and businesses.
This event will seek to identify how policymakers and practitioners can support government, civil society and companies in the Nigeria to implement sound security and human rights practices, and reduce conflict risk in the region, to lay the groundwork for stability and sustainable development.


Linsi Crain - Chevron
Nate Haken - Programs Director, The Fund for Peace
Betsy Orlando - U.S. Department of State
Jennifer Meerding - Government of the Netherlands
Please note that attendance at the Roundtable is by invitation only.
If you are interested in joining the Roundtable, please contact Christina Murphy.



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