Security, Rights & Development Roundtable


2015 Tentative Meeting Schedule

The tentative schedule for the 2015 Security, Rights & Development Roundtable is provided below. Please note that dates are subject to change due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts or in order to fit with the personal schedules of presenters. We will however make every effort to maintain the schedule as closely as possible.

Please note that attendance at the Roundtable is by invitation only.
If you are interested in joining the Roundtable, please contact Hannah Blyth.


February 18

Understanding and Addressing Poverty
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It is widely recognized that extractive operations can have a significant economic impact on local communities. Sometimes, those communities may be economically disadvantaged and impoverished. It is critical that companies better understand their impact on poverty, and how to ensure that communities are lifted out of -- and not allowed to descend further into -- poverty.


May 7

Informed and Educated Communities and Stakeholders
  Agenda and Downloads
Information may be power, but it should also be seen as empowering. Many conflicts occur due to a lack of information and understanding. This Roundtable will examine how informing and educating communities and stakeholders can improve understanding, and even empower stakeholders such as artisanal miners, not only reducing conflict but fostering economic development.


June 22

Renewable Energy and Human Rights
  Agenda and Downloads
The renewable energy sector faces many of the same operational challenges and can affect communities in many of the same ways as the oil, gas, and mining industries. This Roundtable will seek to understand those challenges and what lessons can be learned from the experiences of other industries.


September 24

Managing the Relationship with Host Governments
  Agenda and Downloads
When companies pursue new operations overseas, particularly within extractives industries, engagement with the host government can often be met with unforeseen challenges. Whether it is in the form of governance and transparency issues, legislative road blocks, revenue disputes, political instability or human rights and public security force complications; the long term success of a large scale development project can sometimes hinge on the relationship the company has with the host government.


October 29

Human Rights in Certification Frameworks
Agenda and Downloads
As certification frameworks become more commonly accepted by industry in addressing various aspects of business operations, some issues present challenges in how to quantify, let alone certify. This Roundtable will address the issue of human rights in certification systems, and how such a broad and important topic can be quantified and assessed.


Week of
Dec 7-11*

Improving the Security Landscape
Agenda and Downloads
Extractive companies frequently find themselves operating in fragile and insecure environments. Though oil, gas, and mining operations are sometimes linked by media and activists to conflict and insecurity, this Roundtable will examine how companies can help contribute to greater security in their areas of operation, even leaving a legacy of greater stability.

* Exact date to be finalized in approximately 1-2 months in advance of each Roundtable. Please note that dates are subject to change.