Sustainable Development & Security

The Fund for Peace has long recognized that companies are an essential part of creating sustainable societies. Companies provide infrastructure development beyond their immediate operations and support local economies beyond direct employment opportunities. When operating in tense social and political environments, however, companies can easily be seen as part of the problem instead of part of the solution. To operate effectively in areas lacking strong government institutions and a respect for the rule of law, companies need partners.

We have spent more than a decade analyzing the best practices and lessons learned from companies and their partners through their efforts to increase a company’s ability to operate with the highest standards despite local obstacles.

Combining that experience, our extensive global networks, and proprietary software based on our conflict assessment framework (CAST), FFP has developed a suite of tools to help companies operate in the most sensitive environments. Our tools can assist companies to navigate through complex situations. By turning challenges into opportunities, companies can become known as a good neighbor in the communities where they operate and a preferred investor or supplier.

FFP frequently supports companies in their development of the following activities:
- Human Rights & Security Polices
- Conflict and Human Rights Assessments
- Community Relations and Stakeholder Engagement
- Monitoring and Reporting Mechanisms

There is no better protection for business and communities than a strong relationship.

The work of The Fund for Peace places a heavy emphasis on implementation. We aim to not only pursue policy research and dialogue, but to also follow through with implementation in the field.

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